Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kelly and Matt : Married

Kelly and Matt had a beautiful wedding! Kelly and her bridesmaids got ready at the fabulous Lumiere hotel. It was an absoutley beautiful day! Matt and Kelly saw one another before their ceremony, which gave us lots of time to have fun! We started at the Lumiere, then to the Landing, then to St. Joesph's Shrine church and finally to the Moulin! Lots of favorites here!!!

This was Kelly from the beginning to the end of the day! She has a beautiful smile :)

Lumiere's patio, wow...what a view!

The flower girls were so excited to watch! They couldn't wait for it all to begin.

Thank you to the fabulous Jen from Catch Light Park, for having me along to second for this beautiful wedding!


Sara McDermott said...

Stunning as usual, but MY favorite is the expression you captured on the flower girls that one. You can almost picture that they are talking about how THEIR wedding will be one day!

Stacy Cross said...

I adore the pictures you captured during the portrait time. So fresh and romantic!

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