Monday, March 23, 2009

Audrey Frances

Baby number two for Kevin and Stephanie. The birth of Audrey Frances was more than perfect. I got a call around 10:00am, arrived at the hospital within 15 minutes; Stephanie was so calm and was ready to push. About 5 pushes later, Audrey was born. Stephanie and Kevin were so giddy and excited, it was contangeous. My new neice Audrey weighed 8lbs and 3 oz and is absolutely perfect.

Katelyn meeting her new sister!

Grandma visitng from California.

Audrey was a solid sleeper during our visit. Hopefully next time I can show you how pretty her eyes are.

Thank you for letting me share in the birth of Audrey!

Click HERE to see their slideshow.

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Tony and Kristen Mueller said...

I LOVE the picture of big sister touching little sister's feet...adorable. How sweet!!! Great session!

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