Thursday, November 6, 2008

Amy & B.J. : Engaged

Amy and B.J. love books. Their first date was at the Main Street Book Store in Saint Charles. It was only perfect that we began their engagment session there! Amy had lots of fun ideas from America's top model, I need to watch that show! I had a blast with them both!

Amy & B.J., I am looking forward to your wedding in May!

Click HERE to see their slideshow.


Lisa Hessel said...

Love that first pic! Super cute!!!

CaReY bEaRy said...

Kelly- I work with Amy's mom and BJ goes to college here as well. I LOVE their photos. You did such a great job of capturing their personalities. Amy's mom loves the pics! She is proudly showing everyone. GREAT JOB!!

Amy said...

Kelly, they're gorgeous and you are a genius (and amazing to work with)! Thanks so much for a great session!

Von DeVore said...

Hi Kelly. I love that you had the session at a book store...that's cute! I've been dying to try that with an adventureous couple. How fun!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

her red hair is awesome!! love that first shot!

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