Monday, January 18, 2010

Jake Bradford 7lbs, 8oz

January is the month for new "photographer" babies :) I was blessed to share in the birth of Jake on Friday, his proud parents are Sherry and Alex. There were lots of laughter, smiles and tears in this room during Jake's arrival. Sherry made delivery look like a breeze.
Jake Bradford was born on January 15, 2010 and weighed 7 pounds, 8oz.

Sherry and Alex, thank you for letting me be a part of Jake's birthday celebration!

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Sherry Rosenberger said...

I don't know where to begin to thank you for these beautiful photos. I am so glad you were there for Jake's birth and to share in the fun. I can't stop smiling and crying tears of joy looking at these. We are blessed in so many ways. Much love to you!

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