Friday, October 23, 2009

Jessica and John : Married

Jessica and John are married! They had an amazing wedding. Lots of tears flowed throughout the day :) Jessica and John put so much of themselves in this wedding. Not one detail was left undone without their attention. Jessica, John and Jessica's mom are unbelieveably creative. They made all the flower creations, yes, that includes the amazing bouquets. Jessica's mom is a quilter, she made and designed the canopy and quilted them a guest sign in blanket. Everything there was created by Jessica, John and Jessica's mom and there was meaning behind it all, I just loved hearing about how they orgnaized and planned this wedding, they did a fabulous job!!!

Holly Speakes did Jessica's beautiful makeup. It's always a joy to see Holly at a wedding :)

Handfasting is a traditional betrothal or wedding ceremony practiced in Europe, especially in Scotland. This gesture seems to have been derived from one of the ancient images of male and female union, the infinity sign, or figure eight. The infinity sign signifies completeness as it is composed of a male, clockwise circle and a female, couterclock wise circle. Since neighter circle lies above the other, the infinity sign implies equality between the male and female. The act of handfasting is where our modern day expression "to tie the knot" comes from.

Jessica and John had a ring warming ceremony. Their wedding rings were passed around to each of their guests to hold briefly and silently 'warm' them with his or her blessings, prayers and wishes for their marriage.

Their reception was at the Morgan Street Brewery. It was a wonderful reception venue. The food was delicious, everyone raved about it.

John toasted to his new bride. John adores Jessica :)

Jessica and John, it is obvious how well loved you both are by your families. Thank you for allowing me share in your wedding day!
I hope to see you both again :)

Click HERE to see their slideshow.

Thank you to my second Jen for sharing her awesome talent.


Lisa Hessel said...

What a great wedding! I love all the sentimental details... especially passing the rings around. That was sweet :). And as always, you did a great job of capturing some beautiful moments :). I especially love the shot of the groom looking at the bride as she's coming down the aisle. lovely.

Clary said...

Kelly!! The wedding is photographed so perfectly. Definitely submit this one to magazines...that cake is out of this world, the bride and groom should be very proud!

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