Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Roberts Family

Meet the Roberts Family! They are an amazing family that I have had the pleasure of knowing for over four years. John is the principal at the school my kiddos have been so blessed to attend. Julie is a teacher and has taught two of my four kiddos. They are both wonderful, wonderful people and they have four fabulous young adults! When Julie mentioned to me last year that she wanted to do a family session, I was so excited. We met on Sunday at Covenant Seminary. John graduated from Covenant and they also lived on campus. It was fun to walk around with them and hear them reminisce.

John and Julie are celebrating their 25 year wedding anniversary this year!

What a fun family! I had it on the first one, but they made me laugh so hard, I had to have them do a few more times :)

Fact: The Roberts are very serious about the cardinals! They even have a brick with their name on it at the new stadium.

John and Julie, thank you for letting me share time with your family!

Click HERE to see their slideshow.

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Kate said...

The best! Best! best! Marta & I meet every 5 - 6 weeks at Starbucks. Love her! She and her family are a delight to my heart. I want my family to be like them. They surely are a family to emulate. You really captured their personalities. Thanks for sharing their slideshow.

Kelly, you are so gifted.

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