Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day, but today was the real 'Snow Day'. I'm not sure how much snow fell last night, but it must of been close to 6 inches. Today we all ventured out and had a great time sledding. Here's one of my kiddos getting ready for their adventure!

This picture was taken with my Canon PowerShot SD990, I love it. I can tuck into my pocket for days like this, one of my favorite Christmas gifts.

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Ann said...

What darling pictures of the boys...that is very telling of your talents, Kelly. To get THOSE 3 all smiling and natural is a modern day miracle..and you are the family miracle worker this month! Thanks for the gift of memories you've given us and I love the pictures of those 2 girlfriends and am so happy E has you in her life....forever!
love a

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