Thursday, December 4, 2008

Faust Park Mini Sessions : English, Dudley, Brewer & Kugler Family

It was a chilly day for our mini sessions, but it didn't stop us from having some fun. I shared time with four wonderful families at Faust Park and here are some of my favorites.

The English family have shared time with me before. The first time I took their pictures, their little guy was so little. I love watching my client's grow. They are the sweetest kids and I love sharing time with their family.

The Dudley family was next. They recently moved back to Saint Louis and are excited to be back. I was happy to share time with them. Their beautiful little girl has lovely crystal blue eyes that melt your heart!

The Brewer family has shared time with me before too. Their kiddos didn't realize how cold it was. They were really excited about the birthday party they were going to next. I love the smiles that they share with me :)

The Kugler family has shared alot of time with me and my family. They are dear friends of our and I love that Robert loves these portrait sessions most of all! Love you guys :)

Thank you all for letting me share time with your family!

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Beth said...

I LOVE that one with the the brother and sister nose to nose. So Cute!!

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