Monday, April 28, 2008

Shot Party : Saint Louis Photographers

My friend and fellow photographer Kelly Manno organized a shot party for a bunch of us here! It was a super cold, rainy day but we had an awesome couple and super cute model to shoot so on with the party!

Here is the group! Lots of photographers...we were the paparazzi at the Landing!

After the shoot we all went to Morgan Street Brewery for dinner. This is Me, Jenny Henneberry,Stephanie Raumschuh, Kelly Manno, Sherry Rosenberger, and Dorinda Peyton.

In the HOOD with Jodi and Clary!

One last one with Chad, Me, Jenny, Stephanie and Clary!


Raquita said...

so how do I become one of the cool kids so I can go too?

Jen said...

FUN! thats all I can say, and I love my yellow tooth by jimminy!!!!

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