Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Nana's Garden

San Diego was beautiful! It rained a little, but it didn't ruin our fun! I was able to visit with my family, friends, sleep in and relax.
My nana will be 88 this year and she is a "firecracker". Growing up, I always remember her caring for her garden.
This visit, I thought I'd take some pictures to remind me of her.

My Grandfather made my foot imprints when I was little. I love when my kids visit and they measure their feet with mine :) This trip my Nana didn't want me to take her picture, so here are a few from our last family trip to San Diego.


Stacy Cross said...

Awwww. These are so touching Kelly!

Shanna Bean said...

Kelly Park- You Rock! I love your pictures!!!!

Anna said...

These are wonderful images! I came here by the way of Sarah's blog. Your new site is great! I have enjoyed clicking around!

My website is getting ready to launch as well so I am very excited. My first wedding shoot is in it normal to be excited and nervous! :)

Anyhow, great have a great eye!


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