Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grant's Farm Haunted Tram Ride

We went to Grants Farm last week to check out the Haunted Tram Ride. There was a total of 11 children and 7 adults, which was totally manageable :) The kids had a blast in the 1 hour wait to get in the park line and the 2 hour wait to get on the tram line. When we finally got on the tram, the adults were relieved and the kids were ready to go to bed. The children did perk up when we got into the park. There was lots to see and do! They had a DJ that played fun Halloween music in the beer garden, which was great because that's where the free samples were! Here is collage of our "Scary" Night!

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Anonymous said...

Wow- that sounds like the best Halloween ever!

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